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#1 Stunna #43 x Rozay F3
Price per pack: $200.00
Final price: $200.00
Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
#1 Stunna #43 x Rozay F3
Seeds Per Pack

#1 Stunna is Twisted Velvet X Rozay

Rozay is Sherbert x Purple Bomb

Stunray is a cross I made a while back when I hit my # 1 Stunna keeper-the # 43 cut with my Rozay f3 stud. The Stunna 43 is an extremely nice plant, she’s graced a few friends gardens and all love her. Some have said it’s their favorite Rozay cross. She sports the dark color with some delicious fruit rollup smelling terps. The Rozay f3 stud further more brought out the color and made the Rozay terps more abundant across the phenos. As you can see, this is one beautiful strain! Many pretty strains have bland terps, but most of the Stunray phenos have stunna43 and Rozay terps. If you aren’t familiar with the best of Rozay, it smells like berry fruit rollup, flintstone vitamin, and or red wine. Very unique smelling and many absolutely love it. Stunray grows thick stems that can support her heavy flowers. She’s usually more of a short stout bush but some phenos are a little taller and stretch more. Almost all were done flowering in 63 days or less.

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