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GMO x Black Lime Reserve Bukakke
GMO x Black Lime Reserve Bukakke
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I call it the The Bukakke Project. It started with Tresubrosagardens medical garden about 4-5 years ago. He got super busy at a job and accidentally let 5 breeder males go fly on the whole garden bukakke style! The males were Reptilian OG, 88G13/HP, Cherry Bomb,Pride of Afghanistan, and Yabba Dabba Diesel.

He had a verified cut of Black Lime Reserve and when I made bho with it I knew it was something special. Crazy high terps, lime on steroids. So I asked to keep some of the seeds and my request was granted. I grew what I called Black Lime Reserve Bukakke for at least 3 years outdoors and one run indoors, every time it produced the heady kind of smoke an older guy like me likes: potent, hashy sugary, limey to berry to floral to funk an excellent range. Big plants, great vigor. So I finally decided to select a male and make a lineup see how it does with a few good strains. I couldn't have asked for more spot on results. Excellent vigor, good to excellent terps, good to excellent sugar, lime comes thru, and big plants in the right hands.

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