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Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble BX5

Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble BX5
Price per pack: $150.00
Final price: $150.00
Flowering Time
9 Weeks
Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble BX5
Seeds Per Pack

2021 is all about our collaboration with Karma Genetics and we will be dropping some crazy heat all year long! The first drop in these projects features 2 of the finest top 10 Icmag strains of the last decade. We are very proud to announce Karmas Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble BX5. Feminized!!

One of Karmas Finest and most popular creations, Headbanger ( Karma Sour Diesel clone x Biker Kush) is some of the best on the planet. She features outstanding density and yields to match her amazing sour kush terp profile. These moms are some of the best tasting flower I have ever experienced, with a thick greasy and nearly pure sour profile that sticks to your lips, hands or anything it touches. Your senses are shocked immediately by the sour nature of these selections. The sour is intense and your eyes and nose will feel it, they provide A heavy smoke that lives up to her name.

The Gorilla Bubble BX5 mom (Reversed) is proven to bring massive resin increases as well as intense branching that pairs up extremely well to the heavy structure of the Headbanger moms and will produce big flowers with incredible density. Look for awesome vigor and some amazing terps.

I am sure you will enjoy this world spanning collaboration with Karma and stay tuned for more exciting work from us this year!

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